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Medical Leadership

Good medicine doesn’t just happen. It is a complex and continually evolving discipline that requires insight, sensitivity and a lifelong commitment to learning in order to provide the best possible patient care and patient outcomes.

Pathology Laboratories' success is driven by the innate understanding that Medical Leadership facilitates the highest standards of professional and operational excellence for the doctors and patients that we serve.

Medical Leadership is enshrined in our culture, reflecting our deep understanding of the special complexities, obligations and privileges of medical practice.

Colin GoldschmidtOur Medical Leadership philosophy honours the following ideals of medical practice:

– Our highest priority is patients and their wellbeing

– Our actions, behaviours and business decisions are always focused on supporting clinicians and good medical practice

– We strive to achieve the highest standards of quality and service excellence

– We are committed to supporting and being part of the medical communities we serve

– We recognise and support the importance of medical education, research and professional advocacy

– Our commitment to Medical Leadership is reflected in our organisational structure