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Supplies required for specimen collection and transport are provided to our clients free of charge. Requests for supplies may be made by calling our Supply Department, returning the form via fax, email or your Pathology Laboratories' courier, or by faxing your order in.

Supplies must only be requested and used for testing referred to Pathology Laboratories. Pathology Laboratories and the health care provider are liable under the Federal Anti- Kickback Statute for violations of this statute.

 (419) 255-4615

 (419) 255-4636

A complete list of laboratory supplies is provided on our Supply Order Form. Below are some of the more commonly available items.

Clinical laboratory division

  • Biohazard Specimen Transport Bags
  • Blood Collection Tubes
  • Clinical Test Requisitions
  • Culturettes
  • M4RT Viral Transport Media
  • Serum Transport Tubes
  • Supply Order Forms
  • Urine Containers (sterile & 24-hour)
  • Blood Collection Needles
  • Safety Hubs

Cytology laboratory division

  • Biohazard Specimen Transport Bags
  • Cytology Fixative
  • Cytology Requisitions
  • Cytolyte
  • Endocervical Cytobrushes
  • Frosted-End Glass Slides
  • PAP-PAK Kits
  • Slide Mailing Folders
  • ThinPrep® Supplies (vial, scrapers, & brushes)

Surgical pathology division

  • Biohazard Specimen Transport Bags
  • Bone Marrow Kits
  • Prostate Biopsy Kits
  • Surgical Pathology Requisitions
  • Tissue Containers with Fixative (various sizes)